If you are after having 20 shirts or more printed, we have some special bulk printing deals for you! While our online designer platform is especially great for small order runs and works on a tiered pricing system so that you receive a cheaper price the more shirts you order, there may be cheaper ways to print your t-shirts if you are after larger shirt quantities.

Because the default print technique for our online design platform is our super cool full colour digital direct-to-garment printer, the prices shown on the web are optimised for full colour print runs on cotton materials. In contrast, if you design only has one or two colours and you are after a larger number of shirts, a screen print might turn out to be a cheaper printing alternative. Either way, be sure you email us if you are after a large print run or if you are after printing on polyester garments such as active wear shirts and we will work out the cheapest print solution for you!

BEST technique

Which one of the three most used print techniques of screen printing, direct-to-garment printing and heat transfers is the most cost effective will depend on factors such as the design to be printed (colours, size & shape),  the fabric of your t-shirts (cotton or polyester), and how many tees you want printed in total. When you contact us for an individual bulk printing quote, be sure you mention these factors in your email so that we can provide you with the most cost-effective option for your next printing project.


Once your bulk printing order is setup and in our system, repeat orders are super easy. We will keep your artwork on file so all you will need to do is to send us an email or give us a call with the quantities and sizes of the shirts you require printed and we will sort out the rest for you.


Don’y worry. We have loads of blank garment suppliers on board and can source hundreds of styles & colours from all sorts of brands.

Whether you’re after long sleeves, polos, active wear, hoodies, jackets, pants, skirts or undies, there isn’t much we can’t source.

You can browse our supplier list or simply email us with a description of the garment you are looking for, as well as the quantity of garments you are after and we will provide you with a custom quote as soon as we can!