Embroidery is a very popular type of garment decoration for polos, uniform shirts, corporate work uniforms, sturdy workwear , jackets, hats and caps, towels, napkins, bags, backpacks and other promotional items. In short, there isn’t much that can’t be embroidered.


Logo embroidery is performed with the use of commercial embroidery machines. The fabric to be embroidered is clamped into a hoop or frame, which is then attached to the embroidery machine. To sew the design onto the fabric, the machine moves the fabric around, while the embroidery needle moves up and down to perform the required stitches.

In order to provide the embroidery machine with the “instruction manual” how to sew a specific design, the design file must be ‘digitised’. This is performed by a professionally trained person, who determines how particular elements of the designs should be sewn. 


If your logo contains gradients, we can blend threads together and aim for a gradual transition in colours. If you require the threads to match with certain Pantone colours, let us know and we can provide the closest thread match to that swatch.


  • Classic, elegant and timeless look
  • High durability & wash fastness
  • Suitable for most common fabrics
  • Suitable for a range of products (hats, bags, towels, clothing)
  • Most popular decoration technique for polos & uniforms
  • Most suitable for pocket-sized logos
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Once-off setup fee
  • 2D / Flat Embroidery 
  • 3D / Puff Embroidery
  • Pantone colour match possible (subject to order quantity)



Flat Embroidery

This is the most versatile and therefore common type of cap and uniform decoration. It works well with detailed and delicate designs and can be stitched on a number of fabrics, such as cotton or polyester polos, cotton drill work wear, denim garments and a range of hat materials. To obtain a firm quote for your logo embroidery, please email your enquiry directly through to us!

IN HOUSE 3D Embroidery

We are proud to be one of very few businesses in Australia to produce 3D embroidery in house!
Also referred to as puff or foam embroidery, this type of decoration results in a raised look, which is achieved by inserting a foam material under the top stitch layer.

3D is especially popular for caps but not every type of design is suitable for this decoration style. Be sure you contact us to find out if your logo can be stitched in 3D.

3D puff embroidery cairns