Eco Screen Printing

To provide customers with an eco-conscious alternative to traditional screen printing, Shirtbox has invested in a chemical-free screen maker and a range of water-based inks. We call this our Eco Screen Print and we are the only business in the region to use this print method.

How it Works

Instead of exposing existing mesh screens with the use of a chemical emulsion, we use a thermal printer to prepare the stencil of the design to be printed. Once the printer lasers tiny holes into a clear foil, it is manually stretched onto a metal frame. The frame and foil become the ‘screen’ over which ink is pushed to print the desired design. Screen printing is a manual labour process and one of the oldest forms of printing.

Eco screen printing requires multiple layers of ink placed over another to achieve a colour-rich look. As the tension on the eco screens is generally lower than in traditional screen printing setups, it is possible that some prints of a print run show a slight offset, giving it a uniquely hand-made look.

water based inks

Instead of traditional plastisol inks, our eco screen printing technique uses water-based eco-friendly inks. Not only are they safer for our environment and our skin but they also feel softer and have a more subtle look.


  • Minimum order of 20 units
  • Suitable for one colour print only
  • Very cost-effective print option
  • Maximum print area: 22cm x 40cm
  • Soft print feel
  • Hand-made print look 
  • Chemical-free setup
  • Suitable for a range of flat garments such as tees, hoodies, tote bags etc but not suitable for bulky or odd shaped products such as hats or backpacks.
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